Jeroen van de Velde


He is always working on improving Crushi. Once Crushi was set on the menu as a starter it was an instant hit in his own restaurant. When he also noticed that Crushi worked on food festivals a plan started to sprout in his mind. Together with friend Martijn he started working on Crushi ™.

Jeroen is a real catering business entrepreneur who is not afraid of a challenge. Although he has a background in ICT. It was most likely that he would end up in the restaurant business. His friends, with whom he worked for years behind the bar during his student days, almost all ended up in the catering industry. One of them pointed out to him that a restaurant that was for sale in the heart of Utrecht. He ventured the jump and started together with a colleague eatery Puur in 2005.

But it did not stop there. Jeroen dreamed of more space and more possibilities. This led him to open his own Bar / Restaurant Inspired in 2010. If you ask regular guests why they like it, then that is of course for the good food and the deliberate wines (which can always be pre-tasted), but certainly also the presence of the cozy host. Because Jeroen is an enthusiastic narrator and when he talks about his work. Jeroen van de Velde is also someone who always thinks in possibilities.

Please let us know whether you are curious about Crushi. Download the press-kit and order Crushi!