Crushi, the crispy sushi, has been relaunched and now offers even more convenience. From now on, all four flavours can be prepared in the oven, air fryer or high-speed oven, but of course also in the usual way in the deep fryer. What remains, of course, is a special sushi snack that stays crispy for up to three hours after preparation! You will find Crushi in the freezer compartment per 10 rolls in a box.

Crunchy outside, sushi inside

Crushi enters the market with a revolutionairy crunch, that opens the door to a surprising taste sensation. Crushi is crunchy on the outside and sushi on the inside. Crushi is available in the classic California, Salmon, Chili Zhrimp and Vegan variety. A fully patented, GMO free Dutch food innovation. We enrich the laws of sushi with a crunchy twist, while we respect the natural ingredients that stay fresh because we supply our products freshly frozen. • Fresh sushi flavour • Quick & easy to prepare • Crunchy! • Vegan variant • Zero waste.

Unlimited enjoyment

Crushi is here for everybody. For Millenials that are open for artisinal and carefully prepared food surprises and want to snack wherever and whenever it suits them. For foodies that want an alternative to the standard snacks out there. Crushi serves wowness for all non-sushi outlets. Crushi is perfectly suited for this era, where we are constantly looking for new discoveries and experiences. We give life crunch and celebrate freedom!