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Crushi is cool with the planet. We produce as sustainably as possible and use naturally fresh ingredients. The Crushi supply chain is completely non-GMO and we are inspired by developments that can reduce our footprint. In the same way we look at our packaging and other activities, if we can do better, we will do better. Contributing to a bigger goal is anchored in our DNA.

Crushi is available in 4 different flavours, so you always have a choice. Do you choose fish, or do you rather go vegan? What all Crushi have in common is their irresistible crunch!

Chili Zhrimps

Discover the new plant-based Chili Zhrimps Crushi! Filled with avocado and plant-based Zhrimps based on seaweed extract, with a fresh and spicy chili sauce. Packed per 10 rolls.

Salmon Supreme

The salmon Crushi is filled with sustainably farmed salmon tartare, edamame mousse and Japanese omelette. A classic in the making. Packed per 10 rolls.

Veggie Vegan

A Crushi full of vegetables. The Vegan Crushi has grilled bell pepper, carrot, wakame and edamame mousse. Completely plant-based, all good! Packed per 10 rolls.

Classic California

The classic taste with a modern twist. Japanese omelette with wakame and surimi made from sustainably caught Alaska pollock. Packed per 10 rolls.