With a sauce

Crushi is the perfect snack and a guaranteed hit at drinks, parties, and festivals. Easily scalable for large gatherings, Crushi stays crispy for up to 3 hours. Preparation is quick and simple in the oven or fryer. After cooking, slice the roll into 6 equal parts with a serrated knife, adding colour with fresh vegetable toppings and a delightful duo drizzle of soy glaze + peppadew (Veggie Vegan & Chili Zhrimps) or soy glaze + wasabi mayo (Classic California & Salmon Supreme).

All sauces are vegan. A treat to share or to enjoy just on your own.

Soy Glaze

The basic sauce for every Crushi. A delicious soy sauce with a hint of sweetness that perfectly complements the Crushi.

Wasabi Flavoured Sauce

Wasabi, but Crushi style! Takes the flavors of your Crushi to the next level!

Sweet Pepper Sauce

Spice up your Crushi with this slightly spicy and creamy taste sensation.

Crunchy outside, sushi inside

Crushi is made from good ingredients, stimulates the senses and has a unique taste. By using fresh ingredients, Crushi is the perfect food alternative. Crushi comes in four flavour sensations: Chili Zhrimps, Salmon Supreme, Veggie Vegan and Classic California.